Author of The Physics of Fitness

Doug Brignole is a 40+ year student of biomechanics, and
an expert on the subject. His book, “The Physics of
Fitness” is endorsed by ten Ph.D. professors from a
variety of backgrounds, including exercise science,
physics, biomedical engineering, neurobiology,
paleoanthropology, sociology and psychology — plus
three orthopedic surgeons.

Doug’s passion for resistance exercise started at the age
of 15 when he persuaded the local gym owner, three time
Mr. Universe winner Bill Pearl, to grant him membership in
exchange for janitorial work. “Dougie” (as Bill called him)
scrubbed the showers every Saturday and diligently
worked out five to six days per week. A year later, at the
age of 16, he stepped onto the stage of his first
bodybuilding competition—the “1976 Teenage Mr.
Compton”. He placed 2nd, and was hooked.

He then won Teenage Mr. California and Teenage Mr.
America at the age 19, then the overall Mr. California at
the age of 22, then his weight division at the Mr. America
and Mr. Universe at the age of 26. He went on to win
several more prestigious competitions over the course of
his 43 year competitive career, culminating with his recent
victory (again) at the 2019 Mr. Universe competition, at
age 59.

Along the way, Doug earned “fitness trainer” certification
from the America College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and
the American Council on Exercise (ACE). He extensively
studied “biomechanics” (human musculoskeletal mechanics)
and even attended cadaver dissections. He also owned and managed
a 25,000 square foot gym in California (“Brignole Fitness”) for
eleven years.

Doug has authored 39 articles for fitness publications,
and co-authored an academic sociology book called, “Million
Dollar Muscle”. He has conducted numerous seminars
throughout the US and abroad, and has been interviewed
a number of times about his revolutionary perspective of
resistance exercise.


Tennis coach and Personal trainer

Moe Larbi has worked as a tennis coach and Personal Trainer since 1995,
in Canada, North Africa, the Middle East and the United States.
Moe met Doug Brignole in 2015, and was then introduced to Doug’s book,
“The Physics of Fitness”. Like all of Doug’s endorsers, Moe was amazed
with the depth of the information, and the clarity with which it is explained.
Although he had worked diligently with all of his previous clients, Moe could
see that the principals presented in Doug’s book would drastically improve
his proficiency as a Personal Trainer.

More importantly, however Moe could see how all trainers would greatly benefit from having this information, and urged Doug to share this information with the world.

In 2019, Moe and Doug embarked on the creation of BRIG University—a
trainer certification program that would teach Personal Trainers the
principles of biomechanics, applied to resistance exercise. Moe is the
International Director of this program.

It is surprising to see that the vast majority of trainers are oblivious to the
mechanical and musculoskeletal factors that determine the efficiency and
productivity of resistance exercises. Clients who pay trainers good money
have a right to expect that their trainer be optimally educated about which
exercises are “good” and “bad”, and what factors influence that rating.
Trainers have a moral obligation to be as qualified as possible, when
teaching resistance exercise. Exercise trends come and go, and being an
“exercise cheerleader” (i.e., a motivator) is good, but of limited in value.

A Personal Trainer’s real worth is measured by his (or her) understanding of
the bio-mechanical principles that ensure maximum benefit, minimal
wasted effort, and minimal injury risk. This is what is taught in The Physics of Fitness, and in BRIG University’s Trainer Certification Program.

Moe Larbi and Doug Brignole are partners in this mission—to ensure that
Trainers are as qualified as possible to promote optimally effective and safe
resistance exercise, with this Trainer Certification program.

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