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ShereenB – USA

I never thought that having a clear program like the Build&Burn will impact me this much. To be honest my energy is low, I have a busy life with 2 kids, it was very challenging to workout, this program is a life saver, i found the guidance I needed, I can work at home even […]

Samuel – Mexico

Great comparison! invest the least to get the most, this is very true when it comes to working out, I understand now why these exercises are unique, you get the best results that your body allows with minimum wasted effort and time. I can’t ignore what I learned, I have to find the right gym […]

Decker14626 – USA

I’m 51 years old, started lifting weights when I was 14. Since following Doug’s advice, all my joint pain has disappeared. Wish I had heard this stuff when I first started. Would have saved years of pain and wasted effort.

Geiza – Brazil

Just found your channel and your method. As an engineering student who is also passionate about fitness, I have to say that your content is truly gold. Greetings from Brazil.

Sean – UK

It’s easy for a shirtless, enhanced fitness influencer with great genetic to mislead people by showing them the wrong exercises while his muscles are pumped. I recommend your programs to anyone who wants to know the truth about weightlifting and how to build a great body, I hope people listen. You are going to change […]

Leo Ryan – USA

I got rid of all my barbells, trap bar, quad cage and all I use is my functional cable trainer, dumbbells and leg extension leg curl bench and only do isolation exercises and for the first time I actually feel the muscles I work not my joints.

T.zim – Israel

I should have bought your all programs course from the start, everything I finish one I buy the next, I could have saved few $ I don’t regret it, I love you guys, big fan of your work.

Fitsststudio – Italy

I’m a certified coach, the information I discovered in your physics of fitness program made me feel that wasted my time taking previous courses, I should apologize to all my clients, shhhh